Eco  Ecotourism 


The natural setting of ISBC presents our numerous visitors with a very relaxing educative experience of their lifetime. Our visitors are given the opportunity to experience and interact with bees that do not sting, produce and store medicinal honey and hive products in an amazing

way. Other experiences include; The Bee Walkway, The Butterfly Gardens, The Bambo Theatre hall, The Stingless Bee Tour, Pollination Garden and Honey tasting. Click on the link above to view more about Ecotourism.






E.E Environmental Education-


The ISBC is one of the best Centers in the world where the natural environment is maintained as much as possible. You can receive education about our environment and how the stingless bees contribute to its protection and maintenance.







H.P Hive Product Development and Marketing-


Stingless beekeeping results in production of medicinal hive products such as Honey, Propolis (a natural antibiotic) and Pollen (essential proteins and amino acids). These products have been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be effective against several human ailment and

diseases. At the ISBC, constant research and development & marketing of these medicinal hive products are ongoing at the highest quality standards. Click on the link above to see more...








R.T Research and Training-


We are always investigating into and studying materials and sources

in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions about stingless bees