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Documentation The following documents are available: LibrePlan overview brochure PDF The English book LibrePlan, the missing manual, available at lulu.

com. The French book LibrePlan, le manuel perdu, available at lulu. com. User manual HTML You can find more technical documentation in Continue reading Jan 22, 2012 how to install LibrePlan on windows Forum: Help and Support. Creator: NobodyAnonymous I am going to comment in a general way two approaches to try to deploy LibrePlan in WIndows: A) Install LibrePlan from the war file. This is the procedure that you have tried. The use of this installation method, based on Ubuntu PPAs, has the advantage that, when a new version of LibrePlan package is released, you are automatically informed about it thanks to the Ubuntu update manager system.

Install LibrePlan These instructions use the simplest method for installing LibrePlan on an Ubuntu desktop computer. To increase security, use the manual installation instructions found on LibrePlans documents ( link ). Configure log directory.

Anyway if you want to set manually LibrePlan log path you will have to configure JAVAOPTS variable in your server. This variable is configured in different files depending on the distribution: Install.

This is a guide about how to install LibrePlan project in your system. If you want to upgrade your LibrePlan version see UPDATE file.

If you want to know how to compile it manually see HACKING file. Users Documentation. Installation& Update. LibrePlan installation instructions; LibrePlan upgrade instructions; HOWTO Libreplan manual install win from LibrePlan 1. 1. X to LibrePlan 1. 2 for source and war deployments; Manual. Manual Web Services. LibrePlan Web Services; I18n Documentation. LibrePlan: User documentation. Following document contains necessary help for using LibrePlan, the opensource web application for project planning.

This document is divided in three main sections: First, global goals and behaviour. Second, basic entities to understand the minimum concepts to use LibrePlan.

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