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1997 Test for ages 3; 08; 11 assesses and documents teh presence of articulation errors. Includes Manual, Photo Album Picture Book, Picture Card Deck, and 50 Summary Response Forms. Boxed. 2001 Test for ages 39 assesses 59 consonant singletons, 10 consonant blends, and 7 phonological processes. Includes manual, bound photo album, list of eliciting statements, and 30 colorcoded response forms. Plastic storage box.

Characteristics of children in the standardization sample are provided in a table in the test manual. Examiner The test can be administered by anyone who is reasonably competent in administration of tests in education, language, and psychology. EVA LinguiSystems Articulation Test Normative Update (LATNU) 30 through 2111 X X X 31 EVA Auditory Phoneme Sequencing Test (APST) 5 through 9 X 31 EVA Photo Articulation Test3rd Edition (PAT3) 30 through 811 X X 31 The child identifies each photo presented by the examiner who records the responses directly onto the SummaryRecord Forms.

All elicited sounds are arranged by age of acquisition and grouped by the age at which the sounds were correctly articulated by 90 of the normative sample.

Test Kit (Manual, Photo Album Picture Book, Picture Card Deck Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (DEAP) helps assess articulation, phonology and oral motor discorders.

Differential diagnosis, barbara dodd, zhu hua, sharon crosbie, alison holm, anne test, articulation assessment, phonology test, phonology disorder, phonology The Photo Articulation TestThird Edition (PAT3) is a completely revised edition of the popular Photo Articulation Test. It meets the nationally recognized need for a standardized way to document the presence of articulation errors. The PAT3 enables the clinician to rapidly and accurately assess and interpret articulation errors. The test consists of 72 color photographs (9 photos on each Photo Articulation Test, Third Edition (PAT3) PublisherDate: The tests norms were based on 800 children from 24 states, and included constructvalidity evidence are cited in the manual and appear sufficient to support its use as an articulation inventory.

Assessment Psychology Online All about psychological assessment, testing, and practice management Depending on requirements of the producer s test manual, these could include teacher, educational diagnostician, or psychologist. PhotoArticulation Test (PAT) Secord s Conceptualization Articulation AGS Test (SCAT) Photo Articulation Test (PAT3) COMPLETE KIT (# 2238IN) This test is used to assess production of consonants, vowels, and diphthongs. Fullcolor pictures are included in the manual and in a separate card deck.

The card deck includes one picture on each card. The sounds tested are arranged by age of The senior writer examined the manuals of four diagnostic articulation tests in current use; Look and Say (Montgomery 1 958), Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale (Barber 1963), TemplinDarley Diagnostic Articulation Test (Templin and Darley 1960), and Photo Articulation Test Test Kit (Manual, Photo Album Picture Book, Picture Card Deck, and 50 SummaryResponse Forms) 215.

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