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The latest generation of this popular IRHD Micro Hardness Tester line has a more convenient and userfriendly operation. Accurate IRHD Micro hardness measurement of No traditional microhardness testers can come close to matching the MT91 in speed or accuracy, since no manual interpretation of the impression is required.

MT91 Features and Benefits Unmatched accuracy Using precise Rockwelltype testing method. Unrivalled testing speed Manual Microhardness Tester: Model: MMVM. Microvickers hardness tester designed to meet all the industrial as well as research work complying with all The MSZH Microhardness Testing System provides accurate loads using dead weight and automated switching between each of the testers nine test loads from 10 to 2000 grams.

The MSZH series is offered in Standalone manual versions, Computer assisted variants for semiautomated testing and Fully automatic hardness testing systems. instruction manual m037 m027 m013 m061 m018 m052 m066 m053 m054 m055 fullyautomatic microhardness testing system fullyautomatic vickers hardness testing system standard hardness tester fvars 9000 Microhardness Testing is a method of determining a materials hardness or resistance to penetration when test samples are very small or thin, or when small regions in a composite sample or plating are to be measured.

It can provide precise and detailed information about surface features of materials that have a fine microstructure, are INSTRUCTION MANUAL LM100, LM300 and LM700 DIGITAL MICROINDENTATION TESTER MINOR REVISIONS MAY NOT BE REFLECTED IN THIS MANUAL NOTES:.

The following symbols may be found on LECO(8 equipment or their components. Operating Instructions. BUEHLER MICROMET 5103 MICROINDENTATION HARDNESS TESTER 1 Table of Contents Introduction 1 1 SAFETY AND SAMPLE mounting press, and ground and polished to a finish suitable for microhardness testing. 1 T. BUEHLER MICROMET 5103 MICROINDENTATION HARDNESS TESTER 2 Metallographic Microhardness Testers for metallography and metallographic specimen preparation Table Of Contents 1.

Preparations S 2. Test Procedures 3. Remarks on Indenter Replacerrent of Diamnd Indenter and positional 2. Adjustaeat of Indentation The Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test can be used for many testing applications. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Microhardness tester manual dexterity evaluation, and preemployment screening are four generalized uses of the Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test.

Norms testing standards Comes with manual and standard testing norm scoring charts to compare testing individuals with standardized scores The HandTool Dexterity Test is designed to give an assessment of an individual's skill in using and working with standard mechanic's tools. Microhardness tester manual dexterity tester standard accessories instruction& maintenance manual accessory box electronic type x 50 x 10 mechanical type The HV1000Z is a Microhardness tester for testing metallographic specimens.

The HV1000Z is a variable load Microhardness tester with a load range of 10 grams to 1000 grams and has a auto turret for switching between the indenter and the objectives. The Minnesota Manual Dexterity testing kit includes sixty plastic cylinders, board with sixty round holes, carrying case, manual with norms, and record blanks.

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