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I currently own a SCI Prophet 600 with the Gligli upgrade and think it's a good synth. It amuses me that the manual refers to" The MIDI" every time rather than just MIDI. GliGlis Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Firmware Upgrade 1.

Beta 1. 0. Table of Prophet 600 gligli manual meat About this Document History of the Project Install the New Processor and Firmware User Manual Review of New Features The Prophet 600 Firmware Upgrade hosts the following improvements: 1. Easytoinstall nondestructive firmware dropin replacement of P600fw Teensy based Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 firmware remake Download stable 2. 0 archive View on GitHub Mar 18, 2014  Since he didnt actually have a Prophet 600, he started with the schematic.

[gligli created a PC based emulator for the digital circuits, learning the whole system as he worked. It also boasts an onboard sequencer, an arpeggiator, and far more memory storage for patches, along with audio, MIDI, and CV IO capabilities, giving it a flexibility that the Prophet 5 may lack.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Manual. pdf User Manual; Talk to other MIDI Designer users about MIDI Designer, iOS MIDI and related topics. Layout: Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 and the new GliGli OS by austingreen 2 votes. Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with GliGli Firmware (Classic) Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with GliGli New panel overlay with the new GliGli Teensy FW parameters mounted on the left side of the factory membrane switch panel.

The main panel overlay reflects all the upgrade changes. Our professional panel overlays are the same factory Lexan selfadhesive overlays as used by top instrument manufacturers. Teensy Prophet600; x0xb0x 808 Style If after installing the TEENSY upgrade into your Prophet 600 you find these new features useful for your music, consider making a donation directly to GLIGLI for the continued development of this new operating system for the benefit of you as a Prophet 600& TEENSY owner and the entire Prophet 600

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