Manual stretching of cervix

i am 24 years old, this is my first child. I will be 38 weeks as of tomorrow. the following monday i will be 39 weeks and my ob is going to stretch my cervix. i Manual cervical stretching is a way to stimulate hormone production. It's much easier and more fun to make love to your DH. It will stimulate hormone production AND DH will produce hormones that helps labor as well.

We have a few docs' that will stretch an 8centimeter cervix to complete. Besides the obvious risks of tearing or swelling a cervix I wonder if this can cause problems with incompetent cervix during the next pregnancy. It certainly looks barbaric and I hate it. Also some nurses where I work will stretch a cervix on an induction to get things moving. Sep 03, 2012 Just another thought I really don't know much about this but I honestly can't imagine a bit of scar tissue (when was the device removed?

) hindering the hard work of the cervix. At the very least, you would still have contractions working to open to cervix and could then have the procedure done while in labor if necessary.

Jan 09, 2011 Anybody have any experience with having their cervix" stretched" ? And if these were signs of the beginning of labor? This is my third baby, but all my labors have started differently. May 29, 2008 It's sort of a manual dilation of the cervix, it will hurt, your mucus plug (the stripping of the membrane part) will be removed, and you could end up with a broken membrane (leaking amniotic fluid), which would mean you had 24 hours to deliver before heading to csection.

@Britlee i found it to be uncomfortable, but i should clarify that the stretching was not overly painful it was the stripping of my membranes AFTER the stretch that did not feel good. i have the same thing going on this week induced at 9pm on Thursday night and pitocin Friday morning. i'd like to go drugfree so i'm hoping the baby arrives It all depends if the cervix is favourable.

My friend had a c section 1st time so was attending MW twice a week from 38 weeks for a stretch and sweep. The midwife was unable to do this until she was 406 as her cervix was closed and posteria. Manual dilatation of cervix. Select your favorite caption by nursechar Nov 17, '01 Views: I have never heard of a Doctor or a nurse manual dialating a pt's cervix.

I have worked at numerous hospitals and in different states and this doesn't seem to be a common practice. I am shocked at the reply that one of the nurses posted that they Stretching the cervix to induce labor Is it safe to use evening primrose oil on your cervix after loosing your mucus plug to induce labor?

Evening Primrose. Proponents of natural birth methods and many midwives swear by using XVIDEOS Insertion Semen Cum in Cervix Wide Stretching Pussy Speculum free Stretching Cervix. 6 Replies. tjj August 1: She said that the cervix was very thin and by streching it, it would start labor within 7 to 9hrs. A couple of hours after this procedure I had bloody mucus discharge through out the day and contractions were coming and going. Today, saturday no signs of labor, the bloody discharge continues

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