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The introduction of the Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST) was a smashing success, earning raves across the board, whether in studios, clubs, or living rooms. Swart Model: Swart AST HEAD Mk II& Cabinet.

About The Seller. Music Toyz Joined Oct 2014 Cumberland, ME, United States Preferred Seller. Quick Responder. ALL TUBE TUBE REVERB TUBE TREMOLO AST PRO Manual& Tech Info Compared to the original AST circuit, the AST Master is a slightly hotter result, perhaps a smidgeno less sweet as the AST, but with a bit more edge and a bigger sound due to large cab.

It sounds quite large and expansive and has become a favorite of many Swart fans. The Master is essentially the AST Head Mk II chassis and circuit placed in a custom 1x12 cabinet (2x10 driver on special request). Like the AST Head MkII, the AST Mk II Combo has a defeatable master volume and can run the stock 6V6 and 6L6.

Jul 24, 2014 Swart AST Head MkII Owners Still Happy? Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Unadan, Feb 11, 2013. Feb 11 I have my AST MK II since 2010, and so far its the best amp Swart ast mkii manual dexterity have played. be cool to have a little swart stack!

I am curious about trying a gold in there or the 70th ann celestion but it sounds great as is. jj tubes. the MV Jun 06, 2011  Mesa Boogie Mark V vs. Swart AST Atomic Space Tone Master (AST Mk II Combo) Discussion in 'Amp I'm going to make a minionline manual for this amp, too. " Telecaster Guitar Forum. Home Forums Amplifier Discussion Forums Amp Central Station Swart AST MKII Master Head For Sale.

Soundclips Video& Review. GE Smith Tele Virgil Arlo 52 Tele Pickups used for demo. This amp is GREAT See Guitar Forums May 25, 2010 Swart Owner's Club Discussion in 'Amp Owners Clubs' started by teleplayer99, Jun 24, 2009. Tags: Michael Swart told me that it is possible to shoehorn a Celestian Gold AlNiCo speaker into the AST.

It's stock ceramic speaker was my only objection. but a AST MK II headcab. will soon be mine. Hollmanp90, Jan 21, 2010.

Hollmanp90 Dec 03, 2016 Hi Regular lurker, hoping for some Swartrelated thoughts and opinions. . About two years ago, I had an opportunity for a couple of days to play through a Swart AST Master (Mkii) combo. Dec 09, 2014 Hello, First time poster here! I am considering these two amps and would appreciate any feedback from players that have used both. I thought I was set on these two opinions until I saw that Dr Z is considering a rerelease of the Jaz 2040. Swart AST Master MkII 2x10 Combo.

By Swart; Listed by Humbucker Music; Condition: Brand New 1154 Views Description; Shop Policies; The Swart AST Atomic Space Tone Master 2x10 (also known as the AST Mk II Combo), is essentially the AST Head Mk II circuit and chassis in a combo form with top mounted controls like the Space Tone Reverb (STR) amps.

Jul 27, 2014 Swart ASTPro. tone of the gods! Discussion in 'Amp Central Station ' started by AST Master MkII 112 combo user here. Yes, they are great amps, and build quality is amazing.

The guitar is a 2013 Custom Shop Historic R9, so it's faithful to a 59 PU. The Swart that I have comes with a Gold, not the Blue. I had a friend come over the

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