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United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Engineering Division Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds TR55. The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in its programs on the basis of race, color, SCS Runoff Curve Number method. 21 Factors WinTR55 User Manual USDA NRCS WinTR55 Frequently Asked Questions. Program Installation Problems. WinTR55 web page, on the USDANRCS Hydrology and Hydraulics Tools and Models website: The input file formats are not compatible.

The old TR55 uses tables and graphs out of the 1986 Manual in a TR55: Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds. Author: USDA Soil Conservation Service While the TR55 manual remains a most useful reference HydroCAD directly implements some of the key features of TR55, such as curvenumber lookup and procedures for calculating timeofconcentration, in a more userfriendly graphical Basic Hydrology Runoff Curve Numbers By: Paul Schiariti, P.

E.CPESC Mercer County Soil Conservation District. The SCS Runoff Curve Number The RCN (Runoff Curve Number) method was originally established by the SCS in TR55 Runoff Curve Numbers for Cultivated Agricultural Lands.

WinTR55 Watershed Hydrology The TR55 computer model has been revised and completely rewritten. As a windows based program, the input and editing windows are a big improvement over the DOS version.

U. S. Department of Agriculture FLENG21A Natural Resources Conservation Service 0404 TR 55 Worksheet 2: Runoff Curve Number and Runoff Appendix 4B TR55 Curve Number Tables WSDOT Highway Runoff Manual M 3116.

04 Page 4B1 April 2014 Table 4B1 Hydrologic soil Runoff Hydrograph TR55 Tabular Method. See the storms maps in the TR55 manual to determine the storm type. Enter the rainfall depth for the watershed. Separate each name with a comma. In the CN (Runoff Curve Number) column, enter the CN value of the subarea. Insert Row and Delete Row buttons allow you to do the

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