Shocker nxt blackheart board manual

Nxt Shocker Blackheart Board Manual There is also available diagram of electronic shocker, diagram of a fish shocker, Nxt Shocker Manual Smart Parts Shocker Blackheart Board Manual Fully Functional.

NXT Shocker Manual: Download: Release Date: 2007: MSRP: 1, 200. 00: Average Rating: Currently 4. 5 5 stars. Reviews: The problem I have is that I know nothing about shockers and mine came with a blackheart board and a leaking reg. I bought a CP reg and fix one problem. The shocker nxt is an amazing marker and it is easily Smart Parts Blackheart Board Manual: SKU: Smart Parts Blackheart Board Manual.

Product Code: MAN330 Related Products Smart Parts Shocker NXT Gun Tools Manual Smart Parts SP1 Gun GasesDwellFire Modes Infosheet Manual Smart Parts Shocker NXT Gun Diagram Smart Parts Vibe Gun Gases Info Sheet Manual DL: Manual: Applies to PDF: Blackheart manual, Ion version only: Ion, Ion clone: PDF: Blackheart master manual (all markers) Ion, Impulse, Shocker SFT, Shocker NXT Also, Smart Parts optional Blackheart board for the shocker will automatically set an ROFDelay value necessary to achieve a limit of just under 15 bps, when both buttons are pressed.

The rebound mode adjustment sets the Shocker NXT's mode of fire. The Shocker NXT is a high performance tournament grade paintball marker. The breakbeam Vision system means that you wont need to worry about chopping paint because your trigger finger is faster BLACKHEART INSTALLATION FOR VIBE& SP1 TACTICAL Following the directions in the Quick Start Manual, remove the wraparound rubber grip, unplug and remove the marker's 9volt battery. is exhibiting trouble ring and the Blackheart board turns on with any color other than Smart Parts Blackheart Board Manual Man330 Smart Parts Blackheart Board Manual Man331 Smart Parts Eos Gun Manual Man332 Smart Parts Shocker NXT Gun Tournament Board Manual Dia244 Smart Parts Shocker SFT 03 Gun Diagram Man245 Smart Parts Shocker SFT 03 Gun Manual Manuals and Parts Guides.

Blackheard Board Documentation. Blackheart Manual. Business Hours: Eastern Time Zone Monday: 9am 5pm Tuesday: 9am 5pm Wednesday: 9am 5pm Thursday: 9am 5pm Friday: 9am 5pm Saturday& Sunday: Closed. GOG Paintball United States Distribution. To install the Blackheart, follow the disassembly instructions in your markers manual, remove the circuit board, and replace it with the Blackheart.

It is recommended that the Blackheart Upgrade for the Shocker NXT, Shocker SFT And Nerve. SHOCKER ADJUSTMENT www. smartparts. com 04 SHOCKER TOURNAMENT BOARD for Shocker SFTNXT and Nerve INSTALLATION Following the instructions in your the Shocker NXT manuals ROF section for information on how to the Blackheart manual from SmartParts.

com. 1. SEMIAUTOMATIC 2. PSP 3. MILLENNIUM 4. NXL 5. Smart Parts Shocker Blackheart Board Manual Download PDF# Shocker 0 Manual File Size: 16 File Type: PDF File. Get free premium access Smart Parts Shocker Blackheart Board Manual Schematic. Oct 14, 2007  how to adjust all settings for a shocker board with nerve programming Please thank Ydna for making these videos by visiting his fantabulous(yes I

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