Gf ir-63 welding machine instruction manual

Fullyequipped manually operated infrared fusion machine with integrated remote welding unit Welding of PVDF SYGEF (StandardPlus), PPH PROGEF (StandardPlus), PPn PROGEF Natural, PE100 ecoFIT, PFA Dimensions d2063 mm GF Central Plastics Georg Fischer Central Plastics Independence, Shawnee, OK from an authorized instructor and to read and comply with this instruction manual before The fusion machine monitors ambient temperature and will not allow a fusion to begin if the temperature is beyond this range.

If fusing in temperatures below Infrared Welding Machines George Fischer's Infrared fusion technology is a substantial improvement over older fusion methods such as contact butt fusion and socket fusion. IR fusion is accomplished by use of a revolutionary infrared heat source and computerised installer guidance program ensuring high quality, reproducible fusion welds of high INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR WIRE WELDING MACHINE IMPORTANT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

The additional letter C means that the equipment is protected against access to the live parts of the power supply circuit by INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR MIG WELDING MACHINE. 10 this electric arc welding machine. This machine is a constant voltage power source for MIG MAG and OPENARC welding. Upon receiving and unpacking the machine, make a careful inspection to ensure that there are no This welding machine is a constant direct current power source, created by the INVERTER technology, designed for welding with coated electrodes and with the TIG procedure.

May 20, 2011 Infrared Welding (IR) In infrared (IR) fusion jointing the fusion areas of the components (pipes, fittings, valves) are heated to fusion temperature without contact to the heating element and instruction manual for wire welding machine important: before using this device all people authorized to use, repair or inspect it, should read the following instructions on its use and safety.

plese contact your distributor should you not understand these instructions. IR Plus Fusion Machines The Plus of IR Fusion. adjustable clamps heating element facing tool clamping slide lever Weldbead inspection as per GF guidelines Weldbead inspection as per DVS control document DVS

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