Ibm 1401 a users manual

Review Summary: Johann Johannsson's" IBM 1401, A User's Manual" is a warm, beautiful exposition of the potential of artificial intelligence and the future of ethics in relation to our computerized companions. Inspired by a recording of an IBM mainframe computer which Jhann's father, Jhann Gunnarsson, made on a reeltoreel tape machine more than 30 years ago, the piece was originally written to be performed by a string quartet as the accompaniment to a dance piece by the choreographer Erna marsdttir.

IBM 1401 A User's Manual comes with a compelling backstory. Jhannsson's father worked at IBM as a maintenance engineer for the 1401 Data Processing System, an early and popular business Nov 21, 2014  Mix IBM 1401, A Users Manual" Processing Unit" Johann Johannsson YouTube Jhann Jhannsson The Drowned World (Live on KEXP) Duration: 13: 03.

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Check out IBM 1401 A User's Manual by Johann Johannsson on Amazon Music. Stream adfree or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon. com. 4AD herald the cries of one thousand and one modern classic heads by cutting to vinyl Jhann Jhannsson's 2006, overtly scifi concept album about an Icelandic computer IBM 1401 A User's Manual. Oct 30, 2006 A performance by the dancer Erna Omarsdottir and the composer Johann Johannsson captured in Dro, Italy by filmmaker Thorgeir Gudmundsson The first ever pressing of IBM 1401, A Users Manual comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, reworked by Chris Bigg (v23) from his original design.

Pressed on clear vinyl, two live tracks recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra have also been added. How can the answer be improved? IBM 1401, A User's Manual is the fourth full length studio album by Icelandic musician Jhann Jhannsson, released by 4AD on October 30, 2006. 4AD released the album on vinyl for the first time on December 8, 2017.

The reissue was a double LP pressing on clearcoloured vinyl and included two previously unreleased live bonus tracks.

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