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Find great deals on eBay for manual reset thermostat. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: Universal Furnace Dryer L300F Manual Reset Limit Switch Thermostat 36TX16. 2 product ratings [object Object 11. 99. Guaranteed 2pcs 120 C KSD301 NC Manual Reset Bimetal disc thermostat 16A 125VAC.

4 product ratings [object Learn about ThermODiscs 36TMR Manual Reset Bimetal Control which provides temp control, overheating protection, and unique configurations for many applications.

Manual reset KSD301 thermostat or temperature controller with reset button Put the Hold switch firmly in the unlocked position. Then follow instructions based on your model: For models of iPod mini, press and hold both the Menu button and Center button for 8 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo or iPod logo.

Our manual reset thermostat switches are ideal when you want to call special attention to a temperature malfunction. Because the switch needs to be manually reset, a human must interact with the switch and solve the problem before the equipment or appliance can work again.

Often used as a failsafe, these manual reset thermostat switches require the user to intervene before resuming operations.

The bimetal disc will snap at the appropriate temperature separating the IN STOCK MANUAL RESET SERIES: A wide variety of manual reset bimetal snap action thermostats are available. Comstats temperature limiting manual reset thermostats are a temperature sensitive device with normally closed contacts. Switch Action SPST, manual reset Element Length 7916" (192 mm) Adjustment Range 100 to 250 F (38 to 121 C) Electrical Ratings Full Load Amperes 9.

8 [email protected] 115 VAC, 4. 9 FLA @ helix bimetal sensing element is protected from damage by a rigid outer shield. The insertion length The thermostat line is comprised of automatic reset, manual reset, adjustable or one shot devices for and regulating equipment and limit applications.

The selection includes electromechanical and disc bimetal snap action, moisture resistant, Defrost thermostat Bi metal for WHIRLPOOL ElectronicsSalon KSD301 Series Normally Open Auto Reset C Thermostat Assortment Kit, Temperature Switch, Bimetal

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