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Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 8 June 2005 Pay and allowances manual Administration Military Pay and Allowances Policy Army Regulation 701 S. Courthouse Rd Arlington, VA. EMAIL: [email protected] MIL N130C Head, Pay and Allowances. Military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP) PERSTEMPO; OPTEMPO; Hardship Duty Pay DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE MILITARY PAY AND ALLOWANCE ENTITLEMENTS MANUAL The Department of Defense Military Pay and Allowance Entitlements Manual (DODPM), DOD 7000.

14R, is issued by the Comptroller of the Department of Defense in coordination with the Director, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). DoDPM: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE MILITARY PAY AND ALLOWANCES ENTITLEMENT MANUAL Provides statutory provisions for entitlements, deductions, and collections and establishes Department of Defense policy on the pay and allowances of military personnel.

A majority of the force receives both of these allowances and, in many cases, these allowances comprise a significant portion of the member's total pay. Most allowances are not taxable, which is an additional imbedded benefit of military pay. This revision to the Coast Guard Pay Manual continues the ongoing efforts to update Coast Guard pay and allowance policy with current statute and regulations. 5. Service Management Code Through Directive 1 was extended to the Manual of Allowances.

CONTENTS 01 About This Manual 1. 3 Definitions 02 Procedures 2. 1 When to pay an Allowance 2. 2 Steps to be followed for the payment of an Allowance 2. 3 Role of the respective Director 2. 4 Role of the the computation of allowances and make this manual pay is payable and basic pay charts for all grades of military personnel are at the end of this chapter.

See the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Chapter 10 for entitlement to Basic Allowance for Housing

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