Zoom 5341j cable modem manual

CABLE MODEM QUICK START modem's model name and number, which is ZOOM 5341J. If you need the modem's serial number, you can find it near the MAC address on the modem's label. the router. Power cycle your cable modem and allow time for it to 4 Now that you have installed your Zoom cable modem and it has synchronized Information for Cable Service Provider.

Before you install your cable modem, you must have cable modem service with a cable company. You must provide your cable service provider with the following information, which is located on the bottom of your modem.

Zoom 5341J Quick Start Manual. Hide thumbs unplug the Ethernet cable from the old cable modem and plug it into the Zoom cable modems LAN (yellow) jack. Page 3. Ethernet jack. We recommend that you do this even if you later plan to connect the cable modem to a router.

Connect the Zoom power cube between the Zoom cable modem and a live The Zoom Model 5341J cable modem meets the cable industry's DOCSIS 3. 0 standard for speeds up to 343 Mbps, and also works with lowerspeed DOCSIS 2. 0 and 1. 1 services. And with IPv4 and IPv6 networking support, this is a product designed and built for use today and for years to come.

Zoom 5341j Quick Start Manual. Hide thumbs Q U I C K S T A R T This Quick Start describes how to connect your Zoom cable modem to a cable modem service. This lets your cable modem provide Internet access to a computer or other device connected to the cable modems Ethernet LAN Jack. Overview This User Manual provides instructions for connecting and configuring your Cable ModemRouter with WirelessN Zoom 5341j cable modem manual setting up wireless and wired local area networks.

The Cable Modem connects to a computer or other device via an Ethernet cable. No driver is required. Your cable service provider will automatically update your Cable Modem with the latest firmware that they have approved. DOCSIS 3. 0 cable modem plugs into an Ethernet port of any Windows computer, Macintosh computer, wired router, or wireless router. Download speed is up to 172 Mbps (343 Mbps for Model 5341J). Upload speed is up to 143 Mbps.

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