Sr smith pool lift manual

Product Description. The popular PAL (Portable Aquatic Lift) has become the industry standard for providing access to swimming pools! It is a portable, freestanding pool lift that comes with the PAL SecureIt Kit so that it can be fixed to the deck. Order your pool lift now and well work to get your pool lift delivered as soon as possible! The Splash! Pool Lift from S. R. Smith is an ADA compliant, semiportable lift secured by the included stainless steel anchor that can be easily removed.

SR Smith PALPortable Aquatic Lift Model No. The PALPortable Aquatic Lift from S. R. Smith is ADA compliant and completely portable, it requires no mounting to the pool deck. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a waterproof hand control. The lift has 700 lbs. of counterweight so no need to worry about the safety or strength.

Product Description. The Splash! Lift series meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG 2010). In addition to the standard configuration, the Splash! lift is also available in HiLo, Spa, Extended Reach, Splash! 300, Splash! 300 HiLo, and Splash! 300 Spa versions. Owners Manual and Maintenance Procedures 1017 SW Berg Parkway Canby, OR Phone: Before installing the pool lift, the installer must review and confirm the information provided on the Deck Profile Sheet.

If the description of All of S. R. Smiths lifts have been designed to assist anyone who has problems entering or S. R. Smith has designed the safest possible lift system, following all instructions in the owners manual, and all product labels is necessary to achieve safe, reliable and proper performance of the lift S.

R. Smiths Splash! pool lifts are designed for safety, as well as consistent, reliable operation. It is essential to follow all instructions in this owners manual, as well as all warning labels located on the Pool Access.

S. R. Smith offers a complete line of ADA compliant pool lifts that allow disabled and mobility challenged people to safely access pools and spas. share this page. aXs2 Lift. The lift seat assembly is designed to be used exclusively with S. R. Smith aquatic access lifts. Footrest The footrest is constructed of rotomolded plastic and is easily removable. LiftOperator Control Box LiftOperator controls all lift operations.

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