Biffi icon 2000 actuator manual

BIFFI F01 Series Quarter Turn Electric Actuator Compact electric actuator for 90 operation, complete with the intelligent control unit ICON 2000 to fit small valves Mechanical features Light weight and compact design, mounting flange acc. ISO 5211 Manual operation always engaged but not Biffi ICON 2000 InstructIon and operatIng manual 6.

2 confiGuration options nameplate The parameters appear on the alphanumeric display in the same order both in view and This menu includes a series of data identifying The ICON 2000 actuator can be totally the actuator MANUAL OVERRIDE All actuators are provided with a handwheel for manual operation.

The hand mechanism disengages automatically whenever the motor is started. The declutch lever is padlockable in Brochure: ICON 2000 Electric Actuators, Biffi (VCPBR EN) Author: Emerson Biffi ICON 2000 Electric Actuator. The ICON 2000 actuator has a double LCD display: the upper showing position or torque, the lower providing information on alarms, warnings and other actuator diagnostic data plus menu steps for actuator calibration. All information is displayed in one of several available languages (Italian, English Biffi ICON 2000 Electric Actuators ICON 2000 Electric Actuators The ICON 2000 v4 series are quarter and multiturn actuators with advanced operation, control, setting and maintenance characteristics.

ICON 2000 SERIES. ELECTRIC ACTUATORS ICON 2000 ELECTRIC ACTUATORS A WORLD OF EXPERIENCE Biffi is a leading manufacturer of valve automation solutions with 60 years' experience and a global presence, offering a BIFFI ICON 2000 Electric Actuators joints, have increased Icon capacity to stand up to the most aggressive environments. Manual operation. ICON 2000 Electric Actuators Base version features Pentair reserves the right to change the contents without notice page 6 N 95 Section 6183 If the actuator does not work.

ICON2000 instruction and operating manual TROUBLESHOOTING The ICON2000 actuator has passed the functional test performed by Biffi Quality Assurance personnel. 6V lithium battery. The ICON2000MODRTU is an electronic module that allows to connect the BIFFI electrical actuator ICON 2000 to a MODBUS RTU serial communication line.

The module has its microprocessor, it is controlled by a program stored internally, it works as a pure bus interface and ICON 2000" instruction and operating manual ICON 2000 Electric Actuators Cost reduction and userfriendliness The reduced number of mechanical parts ensures higher reliability and lower maintenance costs.

The ICON2000FF is an electronic module that allows to connect the BIFFI electrical actuator ICON 2000 to a Fieldbus Foundation serial communication line. The module has its 5 Biffi ICON 2000 InstructIon and operatIng manual 2 STORAGE AND PREINSTALLATION 2. 1 tests to Be carried out when the actuator is receiVed If the actuator is received already mounted Biffi Icon 2000.

Intelligent, versatile quarter& multiturn electric actuator 030. a step forward in cost reduction and user friendliness. Elga Bevel Gear Reducer. FMC Profile Chokes; HH2 Adjustable Choke With BIFFI Icon 2000 Electric Actuator; HH2 Profile Chokes NOM 2 AND 3 HH2I Profile Chokes NOM 4 HOE, Inc.

Long Nose Heater Chokes Biffi f02 quarterturn electric actuator InstallatIon and MaIntenance InstructIons 2 MacHine DescriPtion 2. 3 eLeCtriCaL OperatiOn 2. 4 ManuaL OperatiOn 2. 1 generaL control command open: counterclockwise to be used in case of power supply failure or or clockwise rotation (selectable on the logic during actuator setting.

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