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Wire wrap and unwrap tools from Grainger offer you a broad selection of manual and cordless power tools in the most popular sizes. Handoperated tools feature right and lefthand options. Help thread wire through terminal blocks and more with a wire loop puller or cable sewing needle. The two holes at the end of a manual wire wrap tool. The wire goes in the one near the edge, and the post is inserted into the hole in the center.

30 gauge This permits manual wirewrapping to be used for repairs. The turn and a half of insulated wire helps prevent wire fatigue where it meets the post. The tool is now ready for use. To make a wire wrapped connection Wire wrapping is a precision technique and the wrong bit and sleeve just can Manual Wire Wrapping Tools.

Periodic Maintenance: The only required maintenance is periodic greasing of the gear. assembly. The interval is dependent on use. Manual Wire Wrapping Tools. Circuit Specialists carries highquality manual wire wrapping tools for your electronics projects. Perfect for production line and field service use in the electronics and telecommunications industries, these wire wrapping guns are housed in either lightweight Lexan or durable aluminum and we also carry insulated wire WSU wire wrapping tool wraps, unwraps and even strips the appropriate 2224AWG Wire Wrap Tool By Electronix Express.

by Electronix Express. Manual Hand Cable Wire Wrap Tool Driver. WIRE WRAPPING TOOL 30GAUGE KYNAR WIRE STRIPS. by Radio Shack. 47. 90 (2 new offers) 4 out of 5 stars 1. WIRE WRAPPING TOOLS. Circuit Specialists stocks a variety of affordable, highquality wire wrapping tools including hand, manual, and power wrapping and unwrapping tools; wire wrap bits and sleeves; and wire wrapping wire.

The Importance of Wire Wrap Tool Selection. While wire wrapping technology is basically the same in different applications, the tool used will affect several areas, including ergonomics, efficiency and cost.

which is where a manual wire wrap tool comes in handy. Manual wire wrap tools, from Jonard OK Industries, are ideal for between 50 Tool Type Wire Gauge Style Power Supply Type Features: K105ND WSU30M: Jonard Tools: WIRE WRAP HAND TOOL 30 AWG Manual Bit, Hand Tool, Pouch, Sleeve, Stripper JIC ND WIRE WRAP HAND TOOL 20 The Jonard OK Industries Manual Wire Wrapping Tools assure you of precise reliable wire wraps and are available as an aluminum wire wrapping gun, Lexan wire wrapping gun, insulated wire wrapping gun and the newly introduced wire wrapping tool with LED flashlight attached.

Manual Wire Wrap Tool, Number of Pieces 1, Material Metal Housing, Length 6 12 In, Wire Gauge 2224 AWG, Wrapping Terminal Hole Dia 0. 075 In, Wrapping Terminal Hole Depth 0.

807 In, Wrapping Outside D

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