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Model 77 Part No. Water Vent Valve For efficient releasing of air in hydronic heating systems, such as baseboard radiators, convector radiators and small heating units 18 NPT straight shank Maximum operating pressure 50 psig (3. 5 bar) Maximum temperature 240F (116C) Model 78 Part No. Water Main Vent Valve For use on high pressureRead more Bell& Gossett's line of manual and automatic air vents are designed to remove troublesome air in the system.

Series FV4 Automatic Vent Valves are used in commercial and residential hydronic heating applications to provide automatic 34 manual air vent venting for hot or cold water distribution systems. It consists of a brass body construction with male NPT connection, brass cover, air vent with silicone rubber seal, pol Reduce air accumulation and improve system efficiency and economy with the MetraVent air release valve. 150 and 300 psi styles. Air Vent provides a complete line of ventilation products that meet the highest standards for quality and performance.

AUTOMATIC AIR VENT VALVES MANUAL VALVES FOR DISCHARGING AIR FROM RADIATORS MAIN FEATURES ADVANTAGE OF BUILTIN MANUAL DISCHARGE Provision for controlling operation of the automatic discharge by pressing Large capacity automatic air vent valve. 34 The No. 87 has a combination of 12 FPT 34MPT connection, whereas Nos. 67 and 7 have 18 MPT and 18 FPT connections, respectively. Brochures A 310 Air Vents AIR VENT A. 10 N A air vent automatic, manual and with adjustable discharge air vent valve 2161C34 34" 50 2161C1 1" 50 Air vent FLOATVENT Automatic vertical air vent valve.

Sealed with Oring. Designed for installation on head connections or flush manifolds. Brass CW617N body. Max. pressure: 10 A complete line new manual and automatic air vents, designed to remove troublesome air in a variety of hydronic systems, is available. The air vents come in 18, 12, and 34inch connections. The 107A is a rugged highcapacity air vent that purges free air from liquid systems, and the 98 is a Air Vents; Filter By Category.

There were no sub categories found Products (3) DuoVent. High Capacity Air Vents with Manual Vent Feature. Sizes: 18 in. (3mm) View Details. FV4. Automatic Vent Valves. Sizes: 18 to 1 in.

(3 to 25mm) View Details. HAV. Automatic Vent Valves, Chrome Plated. Sizes: 18 to 14 in. (3 to 8mm) View Details. 1 New to State Supply? B& G 4V is a 18" IPM coin operated manual air for venting radiators in hot water heating systems. 150 psi maximum and 250 degree F. B& G number 87 is a combination 34" IPM x 12" IPF automatic air vent for hydronic heating systems.

Maximum 150 psi and 240 degree F. Model 7910MAV Manual Air Venting Valve The PURGEnVENT Model 7900AAV Automatic Air Venting Valve is a 1 ball valve, strainer, purge assembly, and automatic air vent.

This patent pending, onepiece isolation valve with strainer and 34 manual air vent 2 3 4 6 8

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