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Feb 07, 2014 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Thus, gradually, the Zeiss Ikon is coming to be known as the" Zeiss Ikon ZI" or just" the ZI" to try to distinguish it from all those historical Zeiss Ikons. " ZI" parallels the genus name for the lenses, which is ZM. Find great deals on eBay for zeiss ikon zi. Shop with confidence. The Tenax II model is an advanced 2424mm on 35mm film RFcamera launched by Zeiss Ikon (ZI) in 1938.

Its proper name is actually Tenax, but a much simpler camera with the same name, although with a different body casting, was launched the following year, both designed by Hubert Nerwin. Take for example the Zeiss Ikon and its lighter weight. Its light and therefore more comfortable to carry for longer which is a preference for some people.

The Leica M7 feels more solid and hardy, which is a preference for others. Then theres the viewfinder in the Zeiss Ikon which is bigger and its possibly even brighter than the Zeiss ikon zi manualidades. Zeiss Zeiss Ikon Viewfinder ZI15 for the Distagon T 15mm f2. 8 ZM Series Lens. Here is a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super B, made in Germany from 1963 to 1968, # E 9388, with a Carl Zeiss 50mm f2. 8 Tessar, #in a SynchroCompur shutter, with speeds from 1 second to 1500, plus Bulb, and with apertures from f2.

8 to f22. In that year, Zeiss Ikon released three Super Ikonta cameras for the 120 format. They were remarkable cameras and continue to be so until present day.

A good Super Ikonta has unprecedented image quality, they are the Rolls Royces in build quality when it comes to medium format folder cameras.

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