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Adventurer staff manual guides

The Adventurer Club staff is responsible for planning the program. The director is chairperson. Suggestions should be welcomed from all sources. In setting up a program, the staff should consider the following: 1. Leaders expectations for the coming year. 2. Staff members who are Master Guides may wear their Master Guide scarves SASH Sash is navy blue and worn at appropriate times. A Y honors are NOT to be worn on the Adventurer sash; only Adventurer awards are to be worn on sash. The Adventurer staff prepares and adopts a balanced budget showing projected income and expense Adventurer Club Director& Staff.

Adventurer Activity Books and Parent Manuals are for each grade level. They contain activity sheets for both the child and adult to complete each of the curriculum activities required for earning the Adventurer class pin.

Come Meet Jesus Video Series. Leadership Manuals are purchased from the Conference Office, and are reviewed by Club Director and Pastor. The Adventurer Club staff is responsible for planning the program of the club.

The director is the (Staff) Master Guide StarCombo (Staff) Level Pins (adults only) Parent Pins M. G. Pin Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide for Adventurer Club Directors. Products. Starter Kit. Pledge& Law Banners. Tshirts. Flag. Poster. Teddy Bear. Shop Our Selection. Videos No videos at this time Articles Adventurer Club Articles Downloads Basic Staff Training Curriculum Adventurer Teachers Classroom Planner Find Requirements for Awards The Adventurer Directors Survival Guide Policy Manual for the Adventurer Directors of the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventhday The policies portions of this booklet are not intended to replace the Adventurer Staff Manual.

This booklet gives additional information pertaining to the operation of an Guides, all parents of Adventurer children, all teachers in the appropriate Sabbath School divisions, and others interested in working with children.

The Adventurer Basic Staff Training course should be taught to the club leadership personnel. Adventurer Club Staff members who are Master Guides may wear their Master Guide scarf, slide, and pin.

Sash AY honors are not to be worn on the Adventurer sash; only Adventurer awards are to be worn on sash. Adventurer Basic Staff Training (ABST) A required class for Master Guide candidates A 10hour Basic Staff training course is designed to develop awareness in leaders of the basic fundamentals of the Adventurer Club and to help teachers become familiar with the procedures, policies and resources necessary to commence and maintain a Adventurer Club.

Adventurers also earn badges known as Stars, Diamonds and Awards. Classes in the South Pacific Division [SPD are based on the Adventurer Manual produced by the SPD Where Is The South Pacific? The Adventurer Club is to assist parents in making the development of their children a richer and Instructor's Manual to introduce parents to specific parts of the Adventurer curriculum.

How to Teach an Adventurer Class 1. Begin with good overall planning. Introduction to AYMT (Adventist Youth Ministry Training) for Pathfinder Staff. Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) For Pathfinders is a curriculum of learning designed to provide role specific training for adult Pathfinder club staff members.

While its primary targets are those who have been invested as Master Guides, it also provides structured training for staff who have not yet

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