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This Wista N is in mint condition. The N was the predecessor to the VX, I purchased it about 3 months ago from Japan and it performs flawlessly. Feb 22, 2007 I just got a Wista 45 metal field camera off the auction site.

It is the old brown one not the newer black ones. Wista 45 Metal Field Movements, specs. Discussion in 'Large Format' started by artedetimo, Feb 13, 2007.

Hi I have a Wista 45, and I want to get the manual. Some one could help me. Txs javierfernandez1, Feb 21, 2007# 1. Apr 15, 2001 Hi, I have a Wista 45D which I got without any kind of instruction manual. In th e box there was only a catalog. I wonder if anyone has an instruction manual for this camera (any model among VX, SP, RF or formers) in any kind of electronic for m.

click here to go to main camera manual site to open the file, click on the link below. to save, right click and choose" save target as" save to folder of your choice. click here to continue to wista 45 rf pdf manual. click here to continue to wista 45 sp vx pdf manual. wista m450. wista m200. wista 45n. wista twin lens. wista 45sp. by Mike Johnston. Take this cum grano salis if you like, but I think that most view cameras do their jobs pretty well, and that there isn't much call for, well, extremism.

So that you know where I'm coming from, my two favorite 4x5 view cameras are the Wista 45DX or DXII, and the ArcaSwiss Fline. Wista has several versions (see www. wista. co. jp), but my favorite is the cheapestthe cherrywood DX II, without the back shifts (seldom if ever needed in fieldwork). The cherry version is more than 500 grams lighter than the rosewood version.

WISTA 45 was first put on the market 25 years ago in 1972. At that time the main product was the Rittreck View 5x7 Camera which was sold in total 10, 000 units including the overseas market. Domestic users were mostly professional portrait photographers.

The Wista Field45DX Field Camera is a wooden large format 4 x 5" view camera that allows a wide range of camera movements within a lightweight, compact frame that is ideal for travel and outdoor photography.

The body is constructed entirely from rosewood to ensure resistance from warping while also maintaining an aesthetic appearance. MANUAL WISTA SP. VX WISTA CO.LTD. WHAT ALL ABOUT OF WISTA 45 TECHNICAL CAMERAS We are really proud that you choosen the WISTA 45 camera and this modular he WISTA 45 is designed for special features which are capable of focusing on the objects through its center coupled with Wista No. 0 and No.

1 shutters (made by Copal) Fresnal lens focusing glass with indication of 69 image size Focusing screen protected by transparent 10mm grid glass Nov 15, 2013 Does anyone know where I can find a manual for a Wista 45D field camera? Butkus does not have one.

Thanks for any suggestions. Search engines turn up very little information on this camera, which I am expecting to land on my doorstep on Tuesday. WISTA 45D 4x5 D Large Format Field Film Camera Excellent From Japan. 438. 00. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Returns, money back Manual Focus Film WISTA 4x5 in Film Format Cameras. WISTA Manual Focus Field Film 4x5 in Film Format Cameras. Feedback. Leave feedback about your eBay search experience.

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