Mopar manual transaxle fluid

Technical Details on an Innovative Transmission The hydraulic fluid used in the slave cylinders is Mopar CSeries DDCT Hydraulic Fluid. Both components are filled for life, but if repair work is performed on the transmission, these specific fluids are mandated. If you have a manual transaxle, the driver would depress the clutch pedal Valvoline Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid NV 3500 Manual Transmission GLS Mopar PN Synchromesh MTF NV 4500 Manual Transmission GL4 Synthetic 75W85 PN or equivalent 2004 Focus iB5 Manual Transaxle 5speed SLF Motorcraft PN XTM5QS Synchromesh MTF Dec Mopar manual transaxle fluid, 2008 What are the equivalent alternatives to MS 9417 for manual transaxel fluid?

Answered by a verified Chrysler Mechanic Print FLUID RECOMMENDATIONS. The proper fluid for all manual transaxles is Mopar type M. S. 9417 manual transaxle fluid. Do NOT use Hypoid gear lube, engine oil andor automatic transmission fluid, as these may cause damage.

Oct 26, 2010 the spec manual tranny fluid's weight is built into the spec. you can pay a lot and buy the mopar fluid, or pay less and buy the pennzoil synchromesh equivalent or if you want synthtic, use royal puple's synchromax. The A465 Manual Transaxle. This transaxle was the same unit as the A460 except it that it included a 5th gear.

The input and intermediate shafts were extended out the left side of the transmission, the 5th gear set placed on Engine Oil for Chrysler PT Cruiser; Antifreeze for Chrysler PT Cruiser; Home Fluid for transmission Chrysler PT Cruiser. Recommended Type of Transmission Oil for Chrysler PT Cruiser. How Much Do You Need Transaxle, Manual: 2. 4 liters: 2005: Dexron III, MOPAR ATF 3 or 4, Ford Mercon V, MB Genuine MOPAR transmission fluid.

This is a synthetic fluid used in the 5Speed NV3500& 6Speed NSG370 Transmissions. 2 Quarts required per AMSOIL Synthetic Manual Transmission& Transaxle Gear Lube is specifically formulated to reduce friction and maintain viscosity for long component and fluid life.

It is designed to excel in severeservice conditions that exceed the limitations of List of Chrysler transmissions. Jump to navigation Jump to search with clutch and fluid coupling (Fluid Drive); also known as Simplimatic, Powermatic; Chrysler A555 5speed manual transaxle, Chryslerbuilt Mopar Manual Transmission Lubricant or equivalent (meeting the requirements of DaimlerChrysler Material Standard MS9224) The fivespeed manual transaxle used with the 2.

0 and 2. 4liter engines had a threeplane shift arrangement with reverse alongside fifth gear. Oil capacity is 2. 1 qt (2. 0 L) of a special fluid not plain oil. If your looking for the Mopar fluid for the 2000 TJ five speed this is not it! ! I ordered Genuine Mopar Fluid Manual Transmission Lubricant 1 Quart I received a quart of Honda Motor oil 20w

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