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In addition to wide and normal area AF, the D90 offers face priority AF in Live View mode for even sharper pictures of people. All of these powerful features and more are housed in a compact, comfortabletohold body, with intuitive controls. If you are using spot or centerarea metering, that could be the sole reason why your images are overexposed. Im having D90 using with Matrix metering, every time I took picture in manual the object always out of focus, background always get clear and sharp then object.

Do you you have any idea? I use centerweighted metering most May 27, 2012 I have tried several times the centerweighted area and it does not seem to work as I expected. Looking in the manual I find that the exposure to be used is calculated based on the metering info taken from an area of n millimeters around the central point of the frame. I use center weighted on my D90 and increase the size of the center area Jul 01, 2012 Center weighted metering area for D7000 I going to be in shutter priority and center weighted for the metering area with a 2.

8 lens. I notice in the center weighted area menu, you are given different settings ie 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm and avg. Or should i be shooting in manual mode? As for the zooms lens, I have it set to AM, range Nikon D90.

enlarge. Design Flaw: Ideally Nikon would provide separate settings for manual and auto exposure. I'd set 13 stops for manual exposure and full stops in auto exposure (P, S and A modes). b3 Centerweighted area top. This sets the diameter of the sensitive part of the center weighted meter.

These settings only take effect Jan 03, 2010 This week's tutorial explains how matrix metering, centreweighted (centerweighted) metering, and spot metering work. Cameras u In Center Weighted metering, the D90 only measures light the way Nikons did back in the 1960s.

The CW meter was useful in its day because it measured just the right area of the finder so you could point the camera at the main subject, set a manual exposure, recompose, and shoot. View and Download Nikon D90 user manual online. D90 Digital Camera pdf manual download. CenterWeighted Area When calculating exposure, centerweighted metering Option M 6 mm assigns the greatest weight to a circle in the center of the L 8 mm (default) frame. The diameter ( ) of this circle can be set to 6, 8, or N The Nikon D90 is a 12.

3megapixel digital singlelens reflex camera model announced by Nikon on August 27, 2008. It is a prosumer model that replaces the Nikon D80, fitting between the company's entrylevel and professional DSLR models. fe: Assign Function button (Framing grid, AFarea mode, center focus point, FV lock, flash off, matrix metering, centerweighted metering, spot metering, top item in My Menu, NEFRAW) Centerweighted metering gives the most importanceusually between 60 and 80 percentto the light that is concentrated in a circular area in the center of the frame.

The corners are given much less importance, though they are usually included to a small degree in the calculation. Dec 19, 2009 I am going through D90 (upgraded few weeks back) manual for different metering modes and trying to understand it's usage.

On pg 87 of the manual it says" Camera meters entire frame but assigns greatest weight to center area" Centerweighted metering

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