Teflon manual valve body

STEP 14: Next install your BTE manual valve body. You must line up the manual valve with the detent lever of your transmission. The OEM manual valve is used with this valve body kit. GM TH400 Transmission Valve Body Shift Kit. Teflon rings in this application did not perform well. With the specially engineered Superior snap ring, cases with Cast iron is the easiest and will work fine for most applications but if using any type of valve body that will not require a modulator teflon is best as it will prevent wear on the direct drum.

Scarf cut teflon was used on later models of the TH400. 5654PVC Body, TeflonEPDM Seals Features Industrial grade True Union full port ball valve corrosion resistant actuator includes a manual override, valve position confirmation switches (onoff models), thermostatically controlled anticondensation heater and overtorque protection. Operation TEFLON VALVE. COM (teflonvalve. com) is a website owned and operated by NACOM FLOW CONTROLS INCORPORATED. aka NACOM NACOM is a manufacturer of High Purity Products used for Semiconductor Wet process equipment, Analytical (ozone analyzers) Pharmaceutical, Food& Beverage, Water Purification, Chromotography, Home Chrysler Valve Bodies.

500 518 618 REVERSE MANUAL VALVE BODY LOCK UP 1, 095. 00. Add to cart. Details Share. Share on: CRT Pro Street Reverse Manual Valve Body 295. 00. Add to cart. Details Share. Share on: facebook. twitter. google. pinterest. Teflon Sealing Rings (1) Torque Converters (9) Trans Fluid (1) 5662PVC Body, TeflonEPDM Seals Features Industrial quality miniature actuator Industrial grade True Union ball valve resistant actuator includes a manual override, valve position confirmation switches (onoff models) and motor overload protection.

(PTFE) is a thermoplastic resin that is practically resistant to all fluids. Of all our diaphragm materials, it is the most chemically resistant. Remove Teflon ring and discard from inner piston assembly. (See Photo 2) Now you are ready to reinstall servo assembly.

Step 11 After the new TCI Full Manual Valve Body has been reassembled, torque the valve body bolts to INSTRUCTION MANUAL 7 116 10K SLAB GATE BODY. NEECO INDUSTRIES INC. INSTRUCTION MANUAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL BILL OF MATERIAL Valve Model NF 700, a straight thread, valves rated at 15, 000 psi and above, do not use Teflon tape or thread sealant.

Plug Valves consist of a stainless steel body and a conical plug that is rotated in the body to stop or divert the flow. 10C: 2Way Plug Valve is used only as a Shutoff Valve 11C: 3Way Plug Valve may be used as a divert to change the flow direction or as a Manual Automatic Valve Body.

The Hughes manualautomatic valve body is designed for streetstrip operation. It will let you shift manually or put the shifter into drive and the transmission remains full automatic. MaxSeal ChemTek Performance 53 lug manual butterfly valve with lever handle has 6" flanged connection and is made of 316 stainless steel body and disc with a Teflon seat

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