Compustar cm 3000 install manual

CM3000 Guide to Installation: also an input for the CompuStar used to monitor the status of the vehicle and for programming. Pin# 8: To engage Reservation Mode for manual transmissions, reference the users or install guide.

2. To activate the Turbo Timer, reference the users or install guide. llc compustar cm3000 manual to installation online compustar cm3000 security system pdf manual download. Compustar 2wssr user manual pdf download, view and download compustar 2wssr user manual online two way spread spectrum remote 2wssr car alarm pdf manual download. Firstech, LLC. Technical Data (CM3000) 5. Tachometer Sensing. 1. You will need an Auto Ranging Digital Meter to test for the correct.

tach. 2. Most tach wires are located at the () side of the ignition coil. Firstech, LLC. COMPUSTAR CM3000 User Manual Connector# 1 Firstech, LLC. Safety This is prewired to the starterkill relay for ease of installation. This wire is also an input for the CompuStar used to monitor the status of In either Manual Transmission or Turbo Mode, Engine stays running for two minutes after key off.

7. Glow Plug wires for diesel engines: If the negative glow plug wire sees ground, the remote starting is delayed 2Way LCD Remote Kit for Compustar Remote Start Systems Model: RF2WT10SS SKU: Availability: InStore, SDF 2way LCD confirmation Code the remote using the remote coding procedure shown in this manual. The remotes do not come preprogrammed as a result of the modular design of the CompuStar lineup.

3 Introduction Thank you for purchasing a Firstech remote start system for your vehicle. The following installation manual is intended for experienced and authorized remote start technicians. The following installation manual is intended for experienced and authorized Firstech technicians. We highly recommend that you contact your local Firstech. dealer and seek professional installation.

Call or visit our websites at www. compustar. com or www. firstechllc. com to locate your nearest dealer. If you need additional or View and Download Firstech, LLC. COMPUSTAR CM3000 manual to installation online. COMPUSTAR CM3000 Security System pdf manual download. CompuSTAR CM3000 Installation Manual. of 20 cm from the antenna to end user. Add to my manuals. Add. Delete from my manuals. Previous page. CompuStar because of improper installation or a faulty dome light switch, tration card and mailed it to Firstech, Inc.within 10 days after the purchase to the do not use the CompuStar User Manuals The following table charts all of Compustars current remote transmitters, along with their corresponding user manuals; available in English, French, and Spanish.

If you cannot find your remote here, try looking through our lineup of Discontinued Remote Transmitters.

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