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Poolrite is widely respected within the industry for providing high quality and innovative products, with a commitment to excellent customer service. With over 30 years experience in the industry, the Poolrite brand is a name you can trust. Aug 25, 2011 I have a enduro Chlor SC35TS Salt Chlorinator (2005) model and im wondering if it has the right cell as the one in it is 170mm long with 8 plates which is incased in a (poolrite) plastic houseing which then slides into the main houseing with the in and out lets.

Salt Chlorinators including Hayward, Pure Silk, Astral and Poolrite Surechlor The Surechlor 3500 is the ideal replacement for an existing Poolrite Surechlor, AKS or Enduro Chlorinator. a salttest function, manual pump mode and realtime clock with battery backup. Poolrite chlorinators Surechlor 4000, Mirrakel Gen 3, Enduro Chlorinators.

Replacements available Surechlor, Enduro SC25TS self cleaning chlorinators. Free Australia wide delivery. OWNERS MANUAL Get it right! AUSTRALIA HEAD OFFICE QLD: 415 Creek Road MT GRAVATT 4122 T Enduro Chlor Salt Water Chlorinator Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. Y our Poolrite Enduro Chlor is manufactured to the highest possible standards and most uptodate technology.

About APS Chlorinators Poolrite is a brand that has been manufacturing quality swimming pool equipment for over 40 years. In 2012 Poolrite Pty Ltd went Poolrite enduro chlorinator manually receivership and APS Chlorinators is a new company that has purchased the rights to all of the Poolrite Chlorinators. Use Dropdown Menu to view list of Enduro Pump Series Spare Parts. Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. 415 Creek Road, 6 Forsyth Close, P. O. Box 520, P. O. Box 7055, Mt.

Gravatt. QLD. 4122 Australia Wetherill Park. N. S. W. 2164 Australia Telephone: (07) 3323 6555 Telephone: (02) 9729 0166 Facsimile: (07) 3323 6500 Facsimile: (02) 9729 2759 Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. Poolrite Equipment Pty.

Ltd. Poolrite Pool Products Owners Manuals. Enduro SC25 TS Chlorinator. Poolrite Enduro EN450 EN650 Mk2 EN850. Poolrite Surechlor 3000.

Poolrite Surechlor 4000. Quietline SQI Series. Poolrite Trimlite. Manual Pool Cleaning Spare Parts; Scoops and Rakes; Telescopic Poles; Vacuum Heads; Jump to Owners Manuals Product Brochures POOL PUMPS Quietline SQI Series Pumps SQ Gemini Twin Speed Pumps Enduro Series Pumps POOL FILTERS Poolrite innoSphere Poolrite Enduro Series Filters Poolrite" S" Series Filters Poolrite" C" Series Cartridge Filters CHLORINATORS innoChlor Chlorinators FILTRATION MEDIA Diamond Kle Chlorinator Replacement Cells; Poolrite Enduro Magna; Poolrite, Enduro saltwater chlorinator cells AUS made quality& longest lasting Cells listed below are designed to suit Poolrite, Enduro or Magna Blue.

Free delivery Australia wide on the Cells. All the following cells have a 2 year warranty. Enduro Self Cleaning Chlorinator Manual Enduro Self Clean Chlorinator Poolrite Mirrakel Gen 3 salt chlorinator Poolrite Surechlor 4000 Chlorinator Manual for latest MCMCSpH models

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