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Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation, is a major international supplier of railway track maintenance and construction equipment for private and governmentowned railways worldwide.

Harsco Rail values expert engineering and precise manufacturing which customers have come to expect. Rail. Innovation and Performance Harsco is recognized for technical leadership and worldwide experience in virtually all major aspects of railway track maintenance. DMF RAILGEAR RW. DMFs RW1630 railgear is our original and very successful hirail gear for large trucks.

The front guide wheel assembly attaches to the frame and front axle and lifts the front wheels off the track, thus, utilizing the vehicles front suspension. Manual control valves raise and lower wheels and are located The rail wheel brake system is intended to assist the existing vehicle brakes when in the rail mode.

As the vehicle rear tires are in contact with Harsco Rail is an international supplier for railway track maintenance and construction. Harsco Rail is an international supplier for railway track maintenance and construction.

Nordco rebuilds your Mark IV ProductionSwitch Tamper from the frame up to the latest factory specifi cations. This rebuild Harsco Rail Delta Leveling system, single infrared projector, nonadjustable fi xed fi xed displacement gear pumps, 24 VDC valves Optional Equipment Rafna Model R150 Rafna Model R290 Rafna Model R307 Rafna Model R180 Kubota; Rafna Model R150 download PDF: R290 Truck download PDF: R307 download PDF Harsco Rail; RAFNA Railgear (G& B Specialties) Fassi Use& Maintenance Manuals (PDF Manuals Found about Half Way Down the Page) Related Product Gallery of Railroad Truck Parts.

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