Pneumatic actuators with manual override

ElOMatic MO series declutchable gear operators offer simple and reliable manual positioning of the valves, dampers and other quarter turn devices when overriding existing pneumatic or GSeries pneumatic and hydraulic actuators provide the latest in valve actuation design.

A highly unique and reliable means for operating ball, butterfly or plug valves The M3 jackscrew manual override for G1, G2, and G3 models is available with or without handwheel.

Symmetric or Canted Yokes GSeries actuators available with Declutchable Manual Override Gear, DG Series. The DG Series features a sandwich style declutchable worm gear that works in conjunction with pneumatic actuators. This valve actuator manual override is excellent for the safe handling of spring return actuators.

During pneumatic operation, the worm of the gear unit is disengaged. Should the valve require opening or closing in the event of power loss, manual rotation of the declutch lever will provide a camming action and engage the worm to the segmented Hand wheel operated declutchable manual override for rotary pneumatic actuators ATI offers four manual overrides for operating our valve actuators.

JS1 singleacting mechanism that extends the actuator piston rod when operated. Intended for infrequent use. JS2 Capable of extending or retracting the actuator and can be engaged at any position from fully open to fully closed. Since the entire manual override mechanism is incorporated into the actuator adapter Bettis Bettis MOR Series Partturn Manual Override Declutchable quarterturn manual overrides for pneumatic actuation. Designed for higher efficiencies and lower input effort on handwheel.

Designed for higher efficiencies and lower input effort on handwheel. Actuatech offers a wide range of manual override for valve actuators with various styles and sizes. Find out more about our Manual Override and its amazing performances! Double Acting Manual override actuator of Actuatech S. p. A. : special scotch yoke design and high performance. The declutchable manual override for the series 79P is a gear box for manually operating the 79 series pneumatic actuator from Asahi America.

The gear box itself mounts between the Rotork KTORK offers a declutch gearbox manual override that mounts between the actuator and the valve to provide for manual valve operation in the event of air failure or for emergency operation.

Declutchable Gear Override UniTorq Actuators and Controls manufacturer and distribute superior pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, limit switches, positioners and valve actuator accessories.

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