Double trapeze hobie 16 manual

May 14, 2008  Does anyone know if the Getaway will work with a double trapeze? The main wepage on the Hobie site for Getaways lists a single trapeze only as an option, as the mast is 18" shorter than a Hobie 16.

I can see, without wings, and a couple of children on board the double trapeze would be useful. Sheet InMax Out Hobie Cat 16 trapeze wires, trapze handle, trapeze line, dog bones, hog rings, and rope locks. Hobie 16 Assembly Manual (FR) Hobie 16 Tuning Guide. Hobie 16 Tuning Guide (FR) Getting onto the Trapeze Wire. Learning the Basics. Numros de srie Kayaks Catamarans.

(Hobie 14, 16 and 18) Rudder Drilling Template and Instructions. Sailing Parts& Accessories Catalog. TRAPEZE LINE ClE OUT MAl OOWNHAUl MAST BASE LE ADJUSTER Till UPPER FRONT CROSSBAR STERN RUOOECASTIN BOW 2. phillips head screwdriver 6. needlenose pliers 10. 716" socket wrench or HOBIE 17 ASSEMBLY MANUAL UPDATES The following items have been changed or redesigned. ASSEMBLY MANUAL HOBIE CAT 16 Easy, Classic, Club& Race.

2 HOBIE CAT 16 TABLE OF CONTENT 2 Trapeze shock cords (1 for Easy& Classic models) 5. 2 trapeze lines Wires (Photo 3) 1. Big jib halyard blocks 2. Small jib halyard block 3. 2 sets of trapeze (1 for Easy& Classic models) Description. Hobie Cat Trapeze Rig Adjustable Kit Double. Hobie cat part# 1204. This is a great kit to make your trapeze height adjustable. Adjust the level of the entire system, ring and handle. Parts manual; Hobie 17 Parts Manual. Boat Hobie Hobie 16 Assembly Manual. Hobie cat sailboat assembly manual (34 pages) Boat Hobie 14 Assembly Manual SHACKLE foRESTAy bLACK SHACKLE AdJUSTER TRAPEZE SHoCK CoRd HOBIE 17 17 spORt SCREW In 1967, Hobie Altar designed the Hobie 14 Catamaran and revolutionized the sailing world.

Hobie wanted to make a boat that you could easily launch into the surf from the beach, sail, and bring back through the surf. Because the Hobie 16 is the perfect cat, powerful enough for world champions yet forgiving enough for novices. Its dualtrapeze rig helps you and your crew member tame the highpowered sailplan, and its asymmetrically shaped fiberglass hulls reduce weight and eliminate the need for daggerboards. pins and trapeze rope locks (to prevent falling out in the water if the trapeze is not well fastened) pins and spring rings on the forestay and shrouds (to prevent the mast to fall down) spring rings on the rudder pins (to prevent loosing the rudder assembly in case of capsizing) Hobie Cat Europe Owners manual Hobie 16.

Our double trapeze for Hobie 16 is a single continuous 332 (119) coated wire with two handles per side for double trapezing. A single thimble at the top eliminates clutter. Order shock cord and adjustment kits separately. Hobie Cat Europe assembly manual Hobie 16 lISt Of tHE PaRtS Double trapeze hobie 16 manual Big jib halyard block Small jib halyard block 2 sets of trapeze (1 for Easy& Classic models) 2 shrouds Forestay pigtail 8 mm shackle trapezes 4 Trapeze handles (2 for Easy& HOBIE 18 ASSEMBLY MANUAL This assembly manual takes you stepbystep through the settingup and sailing of your new HOBIE 18.

This manual will help you understand each part in detail. 21. Tighten the nut (115) of the through mast bolt which is at the lower end of the diamond wires. 26. The double trapeze wire has a single thimble at

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