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Subject: New 93 and 95 Manual Transmission Fluid Beginning with the VIN's listed below, all 2002 Saab models with manual transmissions have factory fill Saab manual transmission fluid drain a new manual transmission fluid. OES SAAB Transmission Manual Trans Fluid (Gear Oil) (75W80) (1 book Read on a SAAB blog that the drain& refill procedure should be done a few.

Saab Manual Transmission Fluid July 2015. buick park avenue ave, Amazon. com: buick park Manual Transmission Parts Saab 93, 93X (1999 2011) Porsche BMW Mercedes Audi virtually any nonvolatile fluid including engine oil, coolants, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or power steering fluid. Use it to drain engine oil or transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tube. The pump is small and lightweight, so it fits Genuine SAAB Manual Trans Fill Plug Purchase Genuine SAAB parts for wholesale prices with fast shipping available.

Browse By Make. 1994 SAAB 900 Manual Transmission Drain Plug: NG900 S 2. 3L 4 Cyl (16 Valve) from transmission# M on: NG900 SE 2. 5L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) As a 93, you may not even have a transmission drain plug as this varied year by year and Saab didn't have an interval for changing it. Make sure you have good clutch pressure and fluid topped up in reservoir. Genuine SAAB Manual Trans Fluid (Gear Oil) (MTF) (1 Liter) Purchase Genuine SAAB parts for wholesale prices with fast shipping available.

Hi, I have a classic 93 900 S with a manual transmission. I am planning on draining and refilling the transmission fluidoil by removing the cover on the rear of the transmission. Re: Manual Transmission Fluid Drain& Refill, Seafoam? Saabnet. com Bulletin Board Manual Transmission Fluid Drain& Refill, Seafoam?Curt Harms, Tue, This is a problem solving forum for over 250, 000 Saab owners, so expect to see problems discussed here even though our cars are generally very reliable.

This is not SAAB TechAutomatic Transmission Complete Fluid Change. bodies, and transmission cooler will still be full of old, worn fluid. The following technique will flush ALL the old fluid out of the transmission. A simple drain and flush is demonstrated. You may opt to drop the sump pan and remove and clean the filter and magnet as well Find great deals on eBay for saab manual transmission fluid.

Shop with confidence. Dec 29, 2017 Instructions for the 2006 95 with 5speed manual transmission but should be the same for. 1879 1. Filler plug 2. Level plug 3. Drain plug In production, the gearbox is filled with oil and does not require any further oil changes after that. However, the gearbox is fitted with 3 plugs; one filler plug (1), a level plug (2), and a Feb 22, 2015 This video shows how i changed the manual gear oil on my Saab 93. I found information about this fluid not needing to be changed or not being able to be changed due to no drain plug.

There isn't one. Saab deleted the transmission drain plug on the 900 in the early 1990s, claiming that the transmission oil was a lifetime fill. If. The level and drain plugs are on the left end of the transmission, visible by removing the left front tire and the front of the inner fender liner. Saab says it is not necessary to change the manual transmission oil, ever. Apr 25, 2011  The only dedicated Saab 92x resource on the internet.

Home; User list 612 quarts of ATF fluid, depending on number of refills planned and fluid that can be drained each time (manual calls for Dexron type fluid) Socket wrench Torque wrench 17mm socket Crush washer Find the transmission drain plug on the bottom of

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